The Fruits of the Mystic

The pursuit of the mystical experience defines the true quest of a person seeking spiritual recovery. Many will now shrug and throw up their hands at the mention of mysticism, thinking that I mean to speak about numerology or spiritualism or astrology or the occult.

Nope. The mystical is all about divine mystery, about unfurling the eternal secrets bequeathed to us by the God of Love, the three-fold creator of will, flesh and spirit. It is the art of ascending the peaks of tranquility to poke our heads in this supreme mist.

So many times I’ve heard addicts in meetings decrying the God of judgment associated with the behemoth, religion, oppressive and hypocritical. They confuse Christianity with abusive priests, dogmatic ministers, and eschatological earwigs who lack knowledge of the One, True Faith.

Perhaps I’ve been blessed with the lack of a religious education as a child. Scripture was always a mystery to me, and now that I’ve begun to explore it, it has exploded into the profundity of everlasting love, like a fountain of holy waters gushing forth to those who need quenching. It has become new powder on an trackless trail at ten to 9. At worst, scripture was a little misrepresented by its human practitioners, given to project themselves onto their concept of the Deity, perhaps overlooking or over-literalizing His Word, missing the full manifestation of His love.

For me, religion is the means of exploring the mystical ocean of God, the ocean of universe: spiritual, physical, transcendent. It is about being excited about God.

The timeless ecstasy of the sublime is what we sought when we looked drugs or, worse, New Age religion. Now, we must find some activity in our life that can give us a comparable blast of the real divine, pure in form, intense in the application, and gentle and reassuring in the implication. That is the faith of Holy Orthodoxy!

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