Lord God, be at my fingertips connected to my brain-spirit tonight as I pluck away at your meaning in the near-dark. Many millennia have past since we humans first walked on the plains, river banks, and sandy beaches of prehistory. You were there. We have so long sought you, and now perhaps we have found you in so many shapes, sizes and forms, but only one form, will, and wisdom. Only one baptism, one Savior, one message (love, love, love), and you told us that it was, as Psalm 16 promises, for evermore.

Thou shalt show me the path of life; in thy presence is the fullness of joy, and at thy right hand there is pleasure for evermore.

So many times, as the way to you beckons — to the realization of pure joy, and true eternal pleasure, I falter in my own anger, my own pettiness, my own campaigns of fleshy desires and aggressions. I cannot stop myself from faltering, yet your way is always there, up-slope a bit and hidden beyond the beech branches that shield this way from my own insincerity. But, I come to you now as a true seeker, a bona fide believer, a willing participant in this travel to your king’s court, where Jesus sits at your right hand, in the ever-pleasure, full-joy and unspeakable greatness of being that we cannot realize down here among our selves.

When You say “evermore,” do we have an inkling as to what this means?

We have no concept of infinity here in the dirt. Temporary rules the roost, unless we believe in Your “evermore.”

Evermore sails well beyond my greatest expectation of pleasure, my most solemn concept of the sacred, my most soul-searching and gut-level honest prayer. Because He is, there is evermore. Without Him, we are done. With Him, we are bound for evermore, perhaps even, for Heaven-more.

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