The Son Room

God-Revealed, God-Known (Hos 12:5, Msg)

Out of an unknown place I appear into a room. It is a perfect rectangle, with a bed, a window and a rising sun calling out to me from outside the glass. It is a perfect sun, geometrically right on. There is God, everywhere. I’m the Holy One and I’m here – in your very midst (Hos 11:9). I would prefer that He send a thunderbolt along with this light, perhaps, but He declines because a thunderbolt would terrify me.

Since I’ve begun these contemplation exercises, I’ve had moments of unease by the touch of the infinite. It doesn’t take much of eternity to overwhelm me.

I’m shivering and becoming uncomfortable so I have to pause for a second and breathe. Yes, breathe, take in, let out, call on God, the Son.

This room, let’s call it the Son Rising Room. We are here to admire the beauty and perfection of His Creation, minding not the things that don’t seem perfect, because crookedness rules so much of the world and these are evil days.

We must defend and persevere. Watching the perfect sun rise over our eyes while we sit with closed eyes in the dark explains the love-totality underlying all of the Creation that defeats the Evil One. The Sun rising – the Son, Coming, always coming, always here, in our very midst. Amen.


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