The only approval that counts is the Lord’s approval. (2Cor 10:18, Msg)

We are such approval addicts!

How resentful and disappointed I become when someone criticizes me instead of praises me. It throws a dart , jagged and painful, into a region of my brain, causing murder to proliferate, helping the sick mind to plot evil as all other thoughts flee.

Obviously, approval-seeking needs to be dumped along with a ton of other refuse. It’s not like arcing bottles into the recycling, though – a lifetime spent seeking approval can’t be turned away just by a simple toss. The motion must be learned, and must be received because it does not come from the mundane apparatus of the daily mind.

Therefore, today I begin a dialogue with the Lord to reduce my dependency on other peoples’ approval. Lord God, though art the marvelous one, let me not look to my fellows down here among the sinful for a pat on the back when Your approval is the only accolade in this world that counts.

Let me not get hot & bothered when a person does not see fit to flatter me with idle praise, which I am trying to goad him into delivering anyway, but help me to see beyond the pettiness of human words spoken from ignorant mouths.


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