Universal Truth: Christ, Only Christ

I have been surfing the Internet and thinking. Thinking about universalism, reading about universalism, noticing that people who like to suppose “universal” truth only end up with lies. And we know who the spreader of lies is.

I notice websites like http://www.universalway.org espouses reasonable-sounding ideas (at first), then, once your comfort level increases, it attacks with seductive irrationality. Universal Way propounds that no religion really has the right to say that it has the only truth. It offers myriad articles on healthy living, universal truths, natural baby-birthing. Then, once you begin to think that this is a benign site, it lowers the boom: Jesus Christ was mistaken for other Jewish or Greek healers or prophets from the same period in time. In other words, He didn’t exist. Then the website shows even more of its true and evil colors, saying that the 9/11 tragedy was an Anglo-American/ Jewish conspiracy.

Folks, the enemy is everywhere, and it loves the Internet. The Internet is the Colliseum of Cheap Talk and the devil’s porch light is always on. Watch out! Instead, hit the people with truth. It plays on our need to be liked, our sick desires for power, sex and money. It tells us that if we believe the truth of Jesus Christ, then we will lose out on the spoils of “rational” living: longevity, wealth, self-fulfillment. The devil, just like Muhammad and other Christ-deniers of yore, tries to appeal to the human being’s narrow sense of logic (the can only sense four dimensions, whose vision is limited to a tiny spectrum of colors, who is more limited sensually than many animals in the world) and cast aspersions at God’s tremendous gift of grace to His children.

This unbelief has already doomed our country (at least for the time being), but God might soften our hearts once again. We must look at websites out there about Universal Ways and alternative religions and all that kind of compromise-with-Satan-laden crap as attacks on the sanctity of God Himself. We must shake the dust off of our feet and we must not let them forget that if they claim that Israel is a Zionist conspiracy (like 9/11) then they are allies of the Holocaust deniers and subject to the judgment of Christ. Amen!


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