Praise #1

Almighty Father

Thou art too good to even mention

I cannot even pronounce Thy holiest of names

If I were to put Thee on a pedestal it would crack under the weight of

Thy immense righteousness

Thy name uttereth we, in the billions, every minute, every day

Yet Thou art longsuffering toward our motions,

our vain expenditures and inane superstitions

Thou cringest when we deceive, Thou hatest when we murder

Still Thou allowest us to live on through one more foolish day

chasing dreams of the Thou we would have you as, without a speck of real faith

Forgive us, Father, as I bellow Thy grand name from my face

buried in the dust clouding my eyes

* * *

· And We, O Lord

∞ How has Thou protected us from Thy wrath

Δ Look how we have sinned against Thee!

◊ Our money market; our movies; our mobile phones

¤ Have they carried us thus far away? So far, they

Rendered us irreconcilable with Your plan?

† Far be it for that! For Thou hast set Christ far above

‡ All principalities and powers of earthly darkness

∑ Raising him from the dead as we are hoisted from the

Φ Mire of our sin-sludge

§ Thou, O Lord Jesus, the propitiation for our filth —

Dayspring of righteousness, cleanse us unto thy image


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