Praise #2

Lord, art Thou the Most Worthy

The Creator of All Creation

Δ The Inspired One, The Inspirer of Inspiration

 The King of Those Who Know Thee

§ And the Judge of Those Who Don’t

Θ Thou, Lord, healed the world of the broken Sabbath

Π Delivered Us from Satan’s inferno of hate

­ † Who can escape Thine all-observing eyes?

††† Not even the prince of this world?

¯ Our Jesus hath already him put down

ÿ Thou lifter of the lost; tiller of cracked soil

® You are the replenisher

¡ In all Thy vital wisdom

â Thou reachest out unto the drowning

m Redeeming Us with Thy words of Ageless Memorial

Ð In centuries, decline the civilizations, not Thine

G Thy Gleaming City, Thy Holy Hearth

Ψ Descend Thee upon Thy Righteous Servants

þ As we celebrate the newborn earth

The Scripture, Lord, It Doth Attest


Unto the Glory of the Sacred Lamp


The Lamb, the Lamb, He Reigneth with Thee


On the High, High Throne; Highest on High


Higher Even Than the Greatest of Thoughts


For Thou Art God.


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