Praise #4: Ιήσούς Χρϊστος

pantokrator-revised.jpgGod O God of our forefathers

Who cleared this land, and established us in letters

Giving us foundation

Upon this rock of faith

I call upon Thy name, for whosoever doth shall be saved

Because only Thy name bears fruit

that eats eternally

Our fruit, without Thy nutrient, it’s wormy and rotten

Only Thou, O Lord, could give us Jesus:

Ιήσούς Χρϊστος

The Way In, to The Eternal

And only Thou could have built this house of flying eagles

Giving beggars sewn coats and holy liberty

I am not free to do as I will

But Deus Le Veult

I am able to live the life that I now live in the flesh in Thy footprints

Underneath the shadow of Thy loving protection

Those dark increments of idolatry, I watch and pray,

For Thou hast spoken to me

In no uncertain terms

* * *

The Great Joy hit Jerusalem

It cometh like King Hezekiah’s dream regime

All got bread and were healed

The 4,000, the 5,000s, the multitudes, always the multitudes

And then forgetting

Every priest got sanctified

Lean not to the sins of thy fathers

But make a new day instead

The multitudes assembled

Singing God-songs both day and night

Is this how you would have it, O Lord?

What do we now when our priests are sanctified not?

When hold nought but scrolls of dust

Sheds of doubt

When we must lead our people in faith

* * *

I have lost but all hope in humankind

Were we not made in Thy image?

All would be lost

But You allowed Scripture to instruct us

Clinging to the substance of things hoped for

The Evidences of Things Unseen

* * *

Oh, Jerusalem, Thou hast been sabotaged by fate

We have not sanctified ourselves sufficient

Which of our priests still preach and baptize in the Word?

Instead they are becoming diploma-bound

Sealed as a scribe but not unto God

Sanctify me, O Lord, God of Heaven

Through Jesus Christ,; purify me through his blood

Carry us through to the next level, O Lord

I call thee the holiest of all names:

Ιήσούς Χρϊστος

Bowed head, flattened nose on the plush carpet

Confessing the truth central to all life

Core of every created being

(Whether they hold it or not)

Lord, Lord –

Saith he, Come


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