Praise #6

Who will doubt Thee, O King

When all prophecy bears fruit

And all people stand triumphant on the Sea of Glass

No one hiding in TV Land or beyond the murmurs of a devil

When disinterest even has defected and we join in Thy holiness

Thy judgments will fall on Thy detractors

Made manifest as per Thy Word

When wilt this faith, O Lord,

Be made plain sight?

I will hold to as unwaveringly as a giant redwood

Is unbudged by a sneeze of disbelief

I will stand defiant towards the devil

Who cannot beleaguer me with his petty doldrums and his dry slights

Thy Victory, O Lord, comes clean

Jesus riding high his throne above cloud

Reaching out for thee, o man of a thousand doubts,

But wilt thou be there to clasp it

Or wilt thou already be a scar of time deadened, melted onto hot coals?


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