Praise #8, the Divine Gavel and Assorted Lovesongs to the Lord

When I consider the thick knocks of the divine gavel

Thundering down on the heads of evil worldlings

Squatting in conference before the throne

Once so powerful and mighty, heads of industry

Moguls of power, stricken small, gelatinous

Quavering against the seat of seats


Coink, coink, coink, pleads the hammer

Bringing into session the condemnation of the finite

Footdragging and stammering incredulity

A brittle voice muttering, This was all s’posed to be

A joke, I had no way of knowing

I felt dizzy, then blank, now…here?

I’ll like it better down there anyway, I always wanted to meet ________

If he hasn’t been dropped in the soup yet

No sir, they all go at the same time… Into the lake

Into the lake, I see

They murmured on their way down

Uncomprehending their disaster on such

a fine autumn day, A.D.

The altar of Thine highness

Glitters in the light of a billion stars, billions upon billions

The lamplight, the winding candlestick

The Light unto all nations; ours, Yours, Jesus

Riding the White Horse, Who Won’t

Boot you down to believe

But will love you all the same


don’t fall


like Mr. Litigious

who snickered

his way

to hell

O Great God, my First Love

My great joy, my happy peace

I bless Thee with Thy speech Thou hast given me

That Thou mightest hear me reflect Thee

In the highest heaven

Wide and great is the expanse of the sky

That Thou mayst dwell above us

Bringer of the splendiferous notion to

us who love Thy word

who see Thy work for

what it is – Thy loving

touch, to grant us all a

place on Thy tree; those of

us believe to avoid the fire

I will praise Thee every day

Oh every morning I will seek Thy face

When I am weary and unkempt

Because I need Thy straightening love

I write these Thy book of praises

Because that is what You alone give me

Thou canst guide my hand from heaven and hand me dreams


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