Dissection #4, the Light of the World

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. (John 8:12)

 Then [uttered] Jesus [once more, a second time] unto [the Pharisees and scribes whom he had just shooed away after they had hypocritically accused the adulterous woman], I am the [shining source of divine knowledge] of the [cosmos, not only the earth]: he that [accompanies me or is in the same way as me] shall not [deport oneself] [surrounded by the limits of] [dimness, obscurity, or ignorance], but shall [hold in their own mind or have in their being] the light of life.

A few thoughts on light: According to Thomas Wilson’s A Christian Dictionary (1612), is Christ himselfe, who is full of Light, and enlightneth euery man that commeth into the world with reason and naturall vnderstanding; and all elect men, with true faith, and holynesse.” In another sense, Wilson defined it as, “That force of reason and vnderstanding, which is kindled in our mindes, to acknowledge him the author of so great a benefit.” In the Greek, light is the word phos (φος) I won’t impersonate a theologian longer than I have to, but phos is where we get the term phosphorescence from, which means, “an enduring luminescence without sensible heat.” That to me is quite compelling –light without heat. Is there not a tinge of hellfire in God’s pure light?

And then there is life. Wilson describes this quite magnificently as “The free motion of the minde and will of Man, towardes God, to doe the workes pleasing to him.” He also calls it life “the wisedome of the Spirit…” and, interestingly, “The valiant enduring of dangers for Christ and his word.” So, if I’m living, I am enduring valiantly dangers for Jesus Christ and the Bible. Another definition of life: “nourishment; support of life,” or “supreme felicity,” according to the wordsmith Noah Webster in his seminal American Dictionary of the English Language (1828). So life is a quality, then. If we’re not living for Jesus, then we’re not really alive.

Now back to the main theme of our hyper-meditation: Jesus, who had just dismissed the scribes and Pharisees because they had challenged him with the proposition of stoning of a woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11), apparently re-summoned the gathering in the temple. He addressed them again with this simple offer. He said, “I am the light of the cosmos. (Note that “I am” is the same God-moniker that had been revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14). Now, if we insert our definitions, we will see that Christ himself, as the Greek phos, the luminescence that gives faith and holiness to the entire cosmos, becomes the divine epicenter of all light in the universe, including the earth, and the “adorning of heaven” (that is what kosmos actually means in the Greek). Christ is crowned as the supreme Sun of suns, emitting rays of truth to all believers. (The fact that in John 8 Christ showed complete control over all the actors in that scene bears witness to his true identity.)

Back to the dissection: He that acts along the same moral and faithful parameters as did the Son of God will no longer exist within the confines of darkness (dimness, obscurity or ignorance). All spoken, this new walk in the phosphorescent ray of the Man-God, the Dayspring giving light to all the faithful, means that we receive the shining manifestation of life, the light of spiritual wisdom, through him.

I want that kind of light! It’s the type of luminescence that I desire. In fact, that’s the only light that I want to see when my soul moves on from this world. Don’t you?

Of course, if you haven’t received this light, you need to believe in Jesus as your savior. If you’d like to do that, I believe there is a link above that tells you all about how to receive Christ. Please do!


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