Dissection #5

Meditate upon these things: Give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all. (I Timothy 4:15)

[Revolve these things in your mind]: [Be] them; that your [improving or advancements] (may shine through for all to see).

Now, let’s go straight back to the original KJB, because it appears that they’ve got the nuances right: Meditate upon: “upon” means, “in a state of resting or dependence,” according to Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language (1828). “Things” refers back to previous verses in the chapter (I Timothy 4:13-14), and reminds us of the priority of reading (the Bible), exhortation (urging strongly) & doctrine (teachings).

Spinning it once more: Turn and revolve in the mind the arts of Bible study, preaching, and teaching, plus the gifts of prophecy and of the giving of those gifts to the church. Become completely immersed in these functions of the Church, to the point that we are throwing ourselves fully into their employment, and in so doing the improvements, or “profiting,” in us as believers will be readily apparent to all who observe. That is where “lifestyle evangelism” has a place in Christian life. People who are not in Christ will see how our spreading the gospel, our becoming edified through the gospel, our helping each other out is a direct result of God’s work on our hearts.

I must be diligent in my study of God’s word, in my pursuit of being edified by able teachers and preachers, in my opening the mysteries of the gospel. Passages in the Bible must be reviewed with regularity (because every time I read the same section the Holy Spirit will reveal different aspects of this truth); sections must be trifled over with a microscope; His Words of Beauty become scripted into my heart. The change in my saved being becomes obvious to anyone who looks. Even the demons feel jilted.

Cycle through thy God-given consciousness,

good Scripture – what of God’s

sure word hast thou

learned today?

urge thy brethren strongly on the day,

encourage them, thy Word-starved students

And what of doctrine

the supremacy of God’s pure law

become the holy word,

the encouraging salutation,

the Final Say

Wade into His precepts that give life to

once-dead souls


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