Dissection #6, The Stranger

I am a stranger in the earth: hide not thy commandments from me. (Psalm 119:19)


I am (but) a [guest, foreigner, sojourner] (in this world): don’t [conceal, keep secret] thy [divine law/precepts] from me.


I cannot do this world very well; never could. If I didn’t have God’s Law as enshrined in the Scriptures, I would truly have nothing. Thomas Wilson’s A Christian Dictionary (1612) defines stranger as “One, that vseth this World as if hee vsed it not, setting his mind vpon his Countrey, which is aboue.”

          I do not gibe too well with this world right now, and that is when the devil works harder to seduce me into his ranks of drop-out prisoners of Mammon. Drugs, lawlessness, idols, chaos – this is where the deviation leads. God is a Lord of Order, and His law is that of eternity; perfectly designed and prearranged for the believer ordained by his Christian faith.

          Indeed, as Noah Webster provides his legal definition for stranger, more application is received: A stranger, he says, is “one not privy to or party to an act.”

I am not party to the act of this world. I am choosing not to take part in the things (or matters, affairs) of this world. I maintain my citizenship in the Kingdom of God, ushered in by Jesus Christ. I will not uphold the mammon of unrighteousness ruling our planet today. I shall remain separated, with my eyes and arms outstretched for the Word of God as He can continually feed me with His divine wisdom in Christ.

Again, I cannot stay separated from the world without feeding on the Word of God, or I will end up feeding on bile of hell.

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