Praise #16

The Joy of that which does not appear

but in the vessel of Thy faith

Hovers just above the right shoulder,

Speaking in indelible song

His CLOSE ETERNITY surrounds the faithful

Always nigh

Those who look to Him, grasping forth, we sigh


O, Holy One, seated atop our kingdom

Thy Great Throne

Revealing our truth-borne cross


I wander by Thy lonely

Desert, committing my wheels to

Thy steerage; Thy path of paths, singing

Into painted light

I adorn my heart with the lesions of

Thy feet (ascending the charred mount)

Come, Ye ranks of God, let us trudge on

Through the sainted night


Calvary, where all roads eternal spring

Where wicked snickers are overheard


amid the snap of whips

They drive us along the jagged incline;

They strap us to Thy back


The hounds of the devil, they

Chased me fast, they

Nipped my heels to cheese

So thus I leap beyond the brink

Into the billows; joy

Raising my eyes to the roar of

Thy march

Thy Good

Word of word and deed.


About Pete Mladineo

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