Praise #33: The Revival Fires

The eyes grew fire-rings
And the kidneys roared
The stockings danced whirligigs
And the lost rhino purred

So the mountain shook when the King had come home 
Its meaning bewrayed time
His coming unravelled fate
So loosely bound had been the cords of my heart

Now coiled they tight around     
The mavens conspired
In a bright boiler room beneath the power domes
To unsheath the blade of indifference
Upon the steel feather of faith     

Instead they steeled the troops of the Comer
And shredded they greenbacks to hay
This joy revolt did burst like a boil And spread our revival fires on 
So great was the Lord’s coming a nippy day in March, that bright Christ had returned but many had Gone out shopping, pretending the time 
A whispering bird surveyed the land
Seeing it empty, almost, jumpers in a brook
Bears, mind you, dined, heeding not
The flock coming down from the wilds.

About Pete Mladineo

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