Praise #40, The Liquefied Logos

a confluence

of many rivers

myriad vessels of shape and steerage

teeming in from the billow-ponds beyond

they sound spiritual sonnets

into the Great Stream of God-awe

uttering and bubbling, filling and fiddling

paddling the purple waters of words

breathing upon

the liquefied



O give me more river, O Lord

that I may become more fruitfully Thine:

green, teeming oceans of unnamable fish 

innumerable shapes and costumes and

fearsome mouths blowing open ages of untold Creation

some 90 Nephilim hewn of bronze

oars strumming the water like a zither

blue drops flitting the captain’s brow, a great butter sea

We ride the swells of smooth mountains, and surge,

awaiting thy fresh current home 

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