Praise #46: The Far Shore

Let us stand together on the far shore
Expecting the tides;
we hope and watch,
solemnizing the perfect hour
as the Lord arrives
peeled eye on the soaring blue

the rumbling cloud
flocks in from glimmer boats
a terrible distance off
exploding harmony into tremors of right
tanks and armors melting into loose syrup
stocks floating off into the red, rigid current
shards of glass murmuring in the mud

My Lord Jesus drives in, high on the mount
Basileus Basileon, Kurios Kurion
The Beginning of All Good Things
inscribed in spoken languages
the fowls of heaven humming astride
unseen by human hands, bringing before us
our good armies
in a Way-ward gait
no sloughing

The bell chord chimes
the entrance of a fearsome Master arrives,
loving all
by the swipes of his straight-tongued sword

flames fallen before him:

naught to fear,

save our strivings
for better deals, but that’s not all


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