Praise #65: An Unwithering Leaf

The world is as wicked

as it gets

O Lord, my place is


the covert of Thy wings

to guide and protect from

nail-spitting haters within.

I praise the Lord God for

His truth

and I pour out thanksgiving,

as precious gallons

a distillation of gratis

gushing forth for His provision:

A wise heart and a fruit-bearing branch,

an unwithering leaf

measuring the lilt of time 


About Pete Mladineo

2 responses to “Praise #65: An Unwithering Leaf

  • d

    God is worthy of praise. I am 41 today and somehow by the well of God I am here and I am praising him. Today I will try my best to just praise and not ask him for anything. Please if you can just praise God today. Because he knows our needs and wants before we do and sometimes even when we do not know them ourselves. So God we praise you. You are worthy of praise from my heart mouth and my soul I think you and I praise you. I believe. I will have a patient heart. I praise you.

  • Brother Pete

    Happy Birthday. The whole point of this site was to have a place just to praise the Lord and nothing more. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Please visit again and comment whenever you feel so moved.

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