Praise #70, the Uncountable

The longsuffering of the Lord

provides eternities for sinners

to get in under the roof,

escaping the dreaded rain.

God’s love, meanwhile,

fills each of us

His food,

His richness,

His indelible way,

pointing us to the water

that we may drink.

The true utterance

a complete beyond

the magnificence of a jumble of

uncountable lights

warming into fuzz

and disappearing

into noncomprehension,

thus speaks His great mystery.

Eloquent was the Word, and powerful

ranges quavering,

cascading into


the brush of a solar dusting

spiriting away the thoughts

trying whole armies of hearts with emotions

seeing we are debtors for the Life.

Thou shalt not be dissuaded.

About Pete Mladineo

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