Victory Praise

Temptation, writes He, shan’t be too much to bear

After 603 losses in a row, I can honestly say

I’m there, I am…There

He didn’t give me too much to handle

This once

So now we’re 1-603, because I fended it off this morning.

An urge to go out sinning; a desire to dance the Gigue with El Diablo, yawning

To get in tight with the World, the groping, drooling, child-mad, evil World

Camping outside a traumatic home, while the children scream

Instead, I strapped on my shoes, and lumbered out into the fast-dying world
Sniffing the breeze

A blaze of autumn stretching in the morning ropes

It was a delight not to sneeze

God, I know, delivers billions of victories per second

Upon this stricken earth

And those times I hardly even notice

Instead, I drone on like a salivating hearse

So consumed am I with losing

I forgot about His winnings

For it’s been too much for me to bear (almost)

And His lifeline dangles still and true

Splitting the mid-air through



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