8) Reasons to Praise God: the White Bird, Our Nation's Only Cure

Only Christ can. And he changes us!

The pure white bird, the Caladrius acts as a true panacea for the king. For our nation, that cure-all is Christ.

He feedeth on ashes: A deceived heart hath turned him aside, that he cannot deliver his soul nor say, Is there not a lie in my right hand? (Isaiah 44:20)

What has deceived our hearts so badly that we cannot even discern that the power we believe to wield (that in the right hand) is nothing more than a lie?

O Nation, calling for deliverance: Beware your deliverer! Because what you ask for is vanity. Faith is for God Almighty, not a host of fools.

The only kind of cure any of us can hope for is the internal cure. And the only one who can provide that deliverance is Christ Jesus.

Too many of my friends and loved ones have put their faith solely in government. Their view of the government, sadly, is determined chiefly by the state of their wallets, or even, by the perceived state of their wallets. They claim that they are “worse off” now than some years ago.

They have put their faith in politicians who are clamoring for “change,” “hope,” a reordering of society. What we’ll likely get is a change in government that won’t produce the sorely needed individual transformation. They’ll become like the forsaken nation mentioned in the prophets.

Maybe this king, reliant on the magical Caladrius, should represent our nation, looking to Christ Jesus for deliverance. It should not be the converse — our nation as the white bird, looking to the king (government) for its curative properties. That won’t work.

Let us praise the Lord, who through Christ can endue us with eternal life. Then once our new and everlasting life is begun in Christ, we can become a new creature that doesn’t look to a government to improve life conditions, but looks to the Lord for the strength to make it through to another, new day.

O Nation: Let us look only to Christ for deliverance!

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