10) Reasons to Praise God: Life


What a blessing is a life, no?

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me. (John 14:6)

A tree grows out of the ground. Try to cut it down, so it won’t fall on the house, and its roots would buckle and damage the house. To pull it out safely, we would need a crane. It is an old tree, been there a century and has no intention of going anywhere. This is the strength of life. This is God’s will for this tree. Living things rule this world, each inhabiting a special place and anchored by a life-force of interrelation to living things, spaces, inanimate objects.

We have billions of bacteria, germs, even viruses present in our bodies, all struggling to live, to grow. Remove one bacterium from our bodies, and it could wreak havoc on the rest of our system. Medicine becomes increasingly delicate, honoring God’s endless craftsmanship, down to the tiniest units. God created a universe that is interrelated.

God exists; and exists outside of His Creation, but He offers the Life to us and Jesus told us about this life, the light of men. “I am come,” Jesus said, “that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10). It is likely a whole lot more too but we cannot understand it, but can only feel attached to it the same way a bug is drawn to a bright light. Could it be that it is best to have no complete idea of what it means, lest we be zapped dead if we touch it before our time?

Here is another perspective: Does a germ know that its world occurs within or on a living being, driving a car to the theater?

If we know, then, that we are in God and in so being are part of a much-larger universe that has a purpose and a host, does that change our outlook on life?

He is the same life, stretching from the trunk of a tree down into its impregnable roots. He is the same life of a single cell organism in a drop of water on a jetty, to the blue whale conversing with its colleagues oceans away.

So far, we know of no other life in the universe, and that is profound in itself because it implies that this is not accidental.

But acknowledging God is not the bare minimum to get us born into the Life. As a human being, the highest earthly order of created beings, we are offered a spiritual Life.

Jesus Christ, who had been speaking with Thomas and the other apostles who were dumbfounded at his confessions of the immense spiritual journey back to the Father after his life in the flesh was done, told them that He is the gateway to the place where God resides. Folks, Christ is the portal to that world where all its inhabitants live with God the Creator, our Father in Spirit, in a most immaculate and perfect and joyous place. To get there, we must choose Him and then become baptized. He said, I am the way. We do not automatically get that just by virtue of being human: We get there by following Christ — accepting Him as Lord and Savior, baptism and the full participation in the the sacramental life of the Church, walking in love and helping the least among us.


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