Praise for 2008

Look what God gave us for 2008!

Look what God gave us for 2008!

Don’t let the media fool ya.

So many outlets all befouling the memory of accursed ’08, the year when our economy went bad.

For me, 2008 was the greatest year ever — the birth of my son. What could be better?

The economy will go one way or the other, but God blesses us with life.

Our riches keep us enslaved to sin, but God delivers us from its penalty, through Christ.

The media tells us of the yawning unemployment, the tanking stock market, the falling home prices, the shrinking job market, the voter outrage, the unstable world situation, the melting ice caps (amid a cold, cold winter), the murders, the hatecrimes, the suicides…

Who is the real enemy and who are the devil’s agents, ask yourself….

God gave us a new baby boy in 2008, so bless Him, bless our son, and bless the year that passed so joyfully for us.

Hey media, stop hating and look to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.


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