Announcement: Getting Back on the Praisin' Path

The birth of the Church and the fire of God-praise

The birth of the Church and the fire of God-praise

Praising God on a blog has been a watershed of sorts for me and for fellow God-praisers everywhere.

I realize that in the effort to branch out and be more of a traditional blogger, I have gotten off track in trying to somehow make this work more of a social commentary — the world as seen through the eyes of a Christian seeker looking for the absolute Truth of God. But I must return to the root cause and lavish praise on the Almighty simply because He is.

I have no desire to be a blogger, a theologian, or even a poet, just someone who loves to praise God using the gifts that God has given.

I shall redouble my efforts to provide praise poetry… just a sampling of what I try to do every day, for the edification and encouragement of the body of Christ and those who know that they need to fill the void.

That said, my guiding theology has recently undergone a momentous change (more on that on a later day), and I am now and inquirer into the Church which the Lord Jesus Christ started. So for the time being I’ll just stick with verse.

Wish me luck in getting this back on track, and if you are a person of prayer, pray for me. And remember, God loved us so much He sent down His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and the judgments of our sin.

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