The Midnight Quake

the midnight quake
had been most unnoticeable
since men began recording them
But this quake shook
the mightiest miracle
out from the bowels of the earth
rocking the shafts to Sheol,
that took Jesus below
the earth trembled and shook
but no one but the Lord could know it,
not even the guardsmen on the bluff
This quake signaled our Lord
back to the crust
ejected from Hades, where he
stymied Satan and his cynical stooges
trying their best babykilling slurs
Our Christ led even the most hopeless scoundrels up and out, but first –

The tomb
The tomb, thehall of fragrant darkness
nothing more than an aperture
a bridge leading from death to deeper death,
then back to life

O Christ God, the jolt that sprung Thee from hell
rolled the great rock back too,
a rock that restricted the brightest light
till its appointed time

A jolt that set agape the mouth of Thy cave,
awaiting the sliding of the myrrh-bearing ladies’ feet
shortly before the dawn

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