Great Resource for Chanting the Psalms at Work

One way I praise God every day is by chanting the Psalter. I normally use the kathismata — the 20 sections, or “seatings,” that compose the entire Psalter  read each week (doubled during Great Lent). But, given a busy work and family schedule, when does one find the time in addition to a full prayer and daily bible study schedule? Sometimes, I need to chant psalms at work to stay on schedule.

One great help is this the Dynamic Horologion, published by the Holy Transfiguration Monastery near Boston. When I knew that I was called to Holy Orthodoxy and I had no Orthodox resources at my disposal, this was a great help to get me started. At least in this Protestant’s conversion to the Holy Faith, the copious and reputable resources on the Internet proved invaluable. The daily chanting of God’s hymnal created in me a hunger for personal revival encountered nowhere else in my Christian walk.

The D.H. is an online, interactive guide yielding up-to-the-minute Orthodox prayers and readings schedule. While it does not come anywere close to encompassing all of the Orthodox liturgical books, many key Orthodox staples are there, including the Psalter and the daily fixed worship services. Their virtual Psalter enables one to read the current kathisma (grouping of several psalms and prayers to be read at certain times of the day), when we can’t get it to in the daily bustle at home. Just click on “current kathisma” from the home page and see for yourself.

Their website has this to say about this ministry:

“This site was created for busy Orthodox Christians who for various reasons are forced to be online for long periods of time, but who still want to be able to incorporate the Psalms and hourly prayer services into their daily prayer life. As such, the dynamic Horologion will automatically display the current prayer service as read when a priest is not available (i.e. a reader’s service) and/or the current kathisma for whatever time it is, while still allowing you to manually view the services if you want to view the services for the day at any time. So if you just wanted to read say, Matins, you can get the Matins service for the day at anytime during the day.”

This is something that I have used countless times and keeps me up to speed on the Davidic portion of my daily prayer and devotional life. If your daily devotions are struggling and you would like to get your hands on material that monks have been chanting for millenia, try this out and see for yourself. It’ll have chanting addictively in no time.

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