Praise #7 (Revised): Heavenly Drift and the Escape from a Fiery Couch

Heaven gatekeeper – Christ is Thy lens!
As I crawl into line
I dream this of salvation: misting upwards through time
lost dimensions and managed phobias
Drifting towards the High Gate
See me as Thou would see Thy Christ
As best as I could walk in him
*    *    *
I stole a glance downward as I drifted away
The burning man cinemas of greed & hate
My new body, an alloy of flesh & spirit
Was light as silk, caught in His warm underglow
While beneath me the Worldlings argued
“I this” and “I that,” deploring their bests
For fear they would lose it

It was not worth watching any more,
so I thumbed over the next but even the commercials locked in
And the fighting intensified
They began to club each other, with knotted branches of oak
The dull drubbing of politicos, rapists, murder-mongers and worse
Fornicators all, they drew near to themselves and lusted
They wrestled harder, splashing soon into molten mud
The demons around their ring danced in adulation
Talking heads flinging floss spatter
one at another
Messing their high-def greasepaint
Squawking while
the devils squirted gasoline through their teeth
Along with their ammo books, their catchy covers
and titles galore
Burning doomsday beyond recognition

And the Lord reached the far shore and whisked away
the maniacs, pigs splashing into the brew
Come, he said, just come. Leave this messiness behind.
Let them rant while the right tree finds us and we rest

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