Eaten by Worms: A January 22nd Poem

the soul of a nation
was eaten by worms
their evil king herod
doth suffer hell’s burns

the young of such country
did vanish one night
when thieves chanted slogans
about bodies and rights

they deemed their young “burdens”
which did get in the way
they believed not the promise
of the God-given Day

and so doth such country
sink down in its blood
shed hourly by hourly
in unnatural flood

and thus drown the doctors
and lawyers and cops
and teachers and builders
and fools, goats & fops

the soul of a nation
once hallowed and good
fell like the sand house
on rotten blue wood

the Republic’s grand future
thus withered away
its legacy murdered
by those having their say



About Pete Mladineo

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