Great and Holy Friday Poem: The Archpriest Meets the Preacher

The man asked me in a plea of wax hysteria
“Have you met Jesus? Have you met him today?”
(Well, yes, in fact, I have — I just took Him down from the cross.)
“Have you really met my Jesus?”
(“Well yes, I wept at His burial, my tears had washed His feet.”)
(For they had crucified not just Jesus, nor just the Christ-God that He is,
But they crucified us too – the bearers of His body.
The bringers of His faith.”)

The man then stopped his questions
and gasped to drink some air
for he was a man of great ideas
but now he was on the brink
about to meet his Jesus
Who was far more than he thought
This Jesus is the Almighty Christ-God
who created the span of the heavens
and hung it on a star
and then condescended to let us
hang Him on a tree
so that our own sins might not kill us
so that His blood might set us free
because we simply had not thought of Him
as He would think of thee.


About Pete Mladineo

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