His Great Truth

Let us not believe the oldest lie
that “Life’s a beach,” then you’re a fly
for then we miss the truth past reason
which givest us hope beyond this season

A day without Christ is a slog in prison
a lashing of the old beast’s derision
instead, praise Him, ye noble vassals
and leave thine holes for timeless castles

But if we ignore His saving promise
and shake our heads like troubled Thomas
then our choice will live on for us, and perish
along with all the stuff that we so cherish

For old Satan loves a rational thinker
who buys the lie hook, line & sinker
and convinces others to jump after him
into his world, where hope is slim

So then let us recall His song of blessing
for it was us to whom He was addressing
The words of Christ need no amendment
His love through us — His great commandment.

About Pete Mladineo

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