Poem to St. Silouan


St. Silouan sees the vision of Christ

St. Silouan did descend the gloom-ful ladder
when three beasts did gnash at him as an adder
first passion, then stress, then the monster of pride
and through these did the devil him to deride


Then did he cry out, O God, hearest Thou not my prayers?
But heard him did God, and sent mystery down the stairs
A vision of Christ, would St Silouan perceive
And the mind of the devil could no longer deceive

Thus shalt thou hearken, my cold-hearted friend —
A small dose of repentance maketh the angels to descend
A larger dose doth see them in heaven rejoice
But one true word with the Lord, and thou shalt behold His voice.

About Pete Mladineo

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