The Dead Rising with Christ on the Last Day


Russian icon of the Resurrection

The dead rising with Christ on the Last Day
bodies and thoughts, new limbs with health
made whole by faith, not magic nor wealth


The city of God beamed peace unto the poor
on His way the Son set not, His pure light
glowed uncreated and ineffably white

The Lord is my King until the undying ages
I shall not descend the slope of lower fire
nor smolder in the char of a Great Man’s byre

All the good men had been summoned above
Weeping and foot dragging and full of concern
For the bond traders and bankers and thieves in the burn

But why shall ye knuckledraggers talk such about hell
When all has been proven to the contrary at last
And the superstitions of yore have gone past

Then what shall we say unto thieves who thee shall slay
Who sliced off thy legs on the way to their potions
And our world is a world of similar commotions

But God is here watching and waiting for thee
To shake off the bonds of thy facilities mental
And climb up the steep slope of love to His temple

There shall thou findest a place for repose
Tho’ none shall believe it that thou live again
For then shall faith wither, and with none to hymn


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