Holy Martyrs of Vilnius, Pray to God for Us!

Today was the feast day of Anthony, Eustathius, and John (Антоний, Иоанн and Евстафий), martyred in 1347. Their incorrupt relics lie in the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, near the Gates of Dawn in Old Vilnius. I’ve met them there, and seen the tree where they were martyred. While Lithuania is not known a hotbed of Orthodoxy, during the Middle Ages the possibility that it could have become Orthodoxy was alive and kicking. Lithuania’s Great Prince Algirdas (called Olgerd in most accounts outside of the Lithuanian tongue), was married to a Russian Orthodox Princess, and was initially converted to Orthodox Christianity, but after his Princess Maria Yaroslavna died, he switched back to paganism and ended up complicity in the murder of these three holy men.

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