Housework and St Sava the Goth

Holy Great-martyr St. Sava pray to God for us!

The holy, glorious, and right-victorious Great-martyr Sabbas (or St Sava) led resistance among Christian Goths not to eat meat sacrificed to idols, and was subsequently tortured by Gothic pagans. But with the help of angels, all of Sava’s many wounds by switches and other cruel instruments were erased. Undeterred, his murderers stretched out Saint Sava on the axle of a cart and beat him the whole day. But during the night a certain pious woman got up to prepare the food for the household, and seeing him tied up, freed him, but immediately he went about helping her with the housework. Soon, he was recaptured and eventually drowned and martyred by the Gothic pagan Atharid. His relics were taken to Cappadocia by pious Christians, were they were received by St. Basil the Great.

Without perseverance by martyrs like St. Sava, where would the Church be today?


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