Therefore, Conversion: Lectionary Raving from Acts 3

Seventh century icon of St. Peter from Sinai

Repent therefore and be converted…” — St. Peter, (Acts 3:19).

How terribly I used to struggle with this concept, and then once I accepted the solution of continual repentance, how I fought with it, how I still fight.

The more I learn about repentance, the way to true Christian conversion, the more difficult it actually becomes to accomplish it. Really, conversion is un-accomplishable, without God’s mercy. And I also sense that once the demons get word that the perfect scroll of conversion has been unrolled before a novice’s new eyes, they send a team out to try to scramble the letters.

There is no Christian life without conversion, the rewards thereof include the forgiveness of sins and the growing hope His return. What will the Lord find me doing, or find that I had been doing, with my precious time spent alive?

The road can be jagged and voraciously thin and full of bad directions, setbacks, tolls, and trolls. Nothing irks the devil more than losing one of his mad scramble to the soft flock beyond the narrow gate.

The answer is given to us in the full response of the Church — daily prayer, fasting, the Mysteries, Holy Scripture, and the turning of one’s heart to God continually. But do we heed it?

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