The Orthodox View on the Rapture and the Millennium: Not Quite!

After Harold Camping the vapid anti-Church “evangelical” who was proven wrong (again!) over his prediction that the Rapture & Second Coming of Christ was slated for May 21, 2011, this simple question comes to mind about whether Orthodox believe in the Rapture. Answer: Nope! At least not here on earth. Orthodox are strict amillennialists, meaning that we do not believe in an earthly millennial kingdom ruled by Christ preceding the great tribulation. The Church ruled that out as a heresy in 381. The Rapture/Premillennial idea was plucked up again in the 1830s reputedly by a young Scots girl having some sort of demonic vision, and then again by a bunch of 19th and 20th century evangelicals who go about preaching their own private interpretations of Holy Scripture. Once again, the demons have made a joke out of the Christian race… Well, instead of listening to me harping on about it, why don’t we just click this link and find out the Church actually says about this heresy…


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