Where have I been lately?

A lot of you are probably (not) asking, where has this doorkeep! blogger been lately? Here is the answer:

I have been hiding out. In caves larger than shopping malls, with a constant stream of the day’s events and nonsequitirs lacquered upon each briny stone.

Many changes have chanced upon me and I stand on the shore watching boats going by, wondering.

Where is God now in my life? Why has He hidden Himself? And why can I now feel nothing stirring? Why has the great faith, which I once joyfully trumpeted throughout these weeks, months, years, on this blog and elsewhere, seemed to moved on?

Perhaps I do not want to reveal too much of myself here and now. That is why I choose to keep mostly silent and well-hid. The day will come when I shall choose to come out of this shadowed land, but I have not heard that moment announce itself. I beg your patience — and I will do my best to keep. writing. something.

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