Bachmann’s Un-Irenic Jest

While I may agree with Michelle Bachmann on more points than I disagree, her religious views vis-à-vis the latest meteorological two-punch called the 5.9 D.C. Rattler and hurricane Irene somewhat perturb me in thinking about the GOP field for 2012.

Her initial comments that the hurricane and the quake had something to do the wrath of God were simply ludicrous — especially from a Christian point of view. She was quoted as saying:

"I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’"

Later on, pressed by putatively outraged liberal punditry, she said this was a joke. But I suspect that initially she was being dead serious. In fact, her comments likely won praise over at Westboro Baptist, where God is regularly hailed for bringing calamities on nations, families of fallen soldiers and other innocents because they accept homosexuality and other No-Nos.

Or, her remarks would have earned kudos with certain Muslims who blogged a connect between the miniscule e-quake in D.C. with Allah’s disapproval of Washington’s supposed anti-Muslim policies. To this I tweeted: “I do not believe that #God causes e-quakes, floods, diseases, wars ,nor prosperity, victory nor any natural or economic fortune.”

Well, let me further expatiate on that proclamation:

I do not believe that God causes earthquakes, floods, diseases, wars, economic disasters, revolutions, lost wars, lost battles, victorious military campaigns, touchdowns, goals, world records, or any other remarkable feat or famine. Perhaps the lack of God in our lives causes that, but God in my understanding has never been about that.

Frankly, I’m dead tired of hearing Evangelicals (and Muslims and Mormons and others who like to tie human and natural fates to divine declensions) harping on in their best Old Testamentese about the wrath of God.

If God is that angry and vindictive, then could He be God? I would imagine that the god that these people imagine who dispatches hurricanes, earthquakes, twisters, and nuclear catastrophes to punish sin is more like Devil Incarnate. Or even worse, a madman (or madwoman) on a Mission.

Some advice for Bachmann: Keep the "jokes" off religion. Take as many jabs at jobs, money, and economy and all will be right… The voters will chuckle all the way to the polls next year. But as for serious religious beliefs, best to keep them personal. The social issues will be take care of themselves, and trust you me –God has His mind on bigger issues than weather. Otherwise the independents may bold the GOP field in ’12 because of Wackophobia. The Independent Bloc is kingmaker and it fears leaders who might occasionally amen the latent desire of mentally disordered preachermen to take out their childhood S&M fantasies on homos, creeps and druggies more than it does community organizers who follow Fascist social gospel profiteers like Jeremiah Wright. Tone it down, Ms. Bachmann, or the street thugs will win. Again.


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