Guvnuh Mojo, Pt II — The Guv Meets King Henry VIII

Henry VIII speaks to Parliament on Christmas Eve, 1545

Therefore, as I said before, be in charity one with another, like brother and brother; love, dread, and serve God (to the which I, as your supreme head, and sovereign lord, exhort and require you); and then I doubt not, but that love and league, which I spoke of in the beginning, shall never be dissolved or broken between us — speech before Parliament, Henry VIII, December 24, 1545.

I just got finished watching The Tudors, the Showtime series by Michael Hirst. Great series — I’ll miss it like an old friend. And an interesting concept — a made-for-TV, loose historical adaption of King Henry VIII, Irish-produced version of England’s most controversial monarch replete with boobs, head-cuttings, period costumes, more boobs & more head cuttings, and lots of history (some of it plain made up). In short, great men’s entertainment.

Made me think of compare and contrast the kings of yore to the metros in power today. The guys we have inhabiting the Oval Office these days don’t hold a snuff box to those princes. Granted, our heads would be an endangered species for so much as even insinuating an original thought to ourselves anywhere near the royal court, but still, at least we’d be in the hands of a real man.

Not to say that our world is devoid of real men. This blog has had plenty to stay about the real man of Russia. (Read: Putin.)

But on this side of the lake: We’ve got… The Guv!

The other day I was picking on Chris Christie for the “just shut up, I’m the governor” comment, and it was all in good fun, really. I actually like the guy and those kind of Christie moments actually increase our support for the guy even more. I believe Christie does have the govnuh mojo thing going on — totally — and would fit right in with King Henry’s court — right in the big chair. Actually, in terms of effectiveness, I might rank Christie with Edward I, a few notches higher.

But his in-your-face sensibility matches that of Henry VIII, although Henry VIII was a bit of an intellectual, and most definitely meditated on the things of God a lot more. Although, I would argue that our Governor probably makes a far, far, far superior husband with absolutely no potential for sending a wife to the gallows. (Actually, some estimates have it that Henry VIII was a minor Joseph Stalin of his time — sending perhaps 72,000 to their death during his reign, but that number has been challenged by historians as being a wee bit inflated.)

Christie doesn’t touch religion, not even with a two-year cast-iron fence prong pulled right out of the Drumthwacket mud. In this state, where’s there as much representation as there as is anywhere in the world, it’s probably not a bad idea. That would make a pretty good battle, don’t you think? Besides, I think King Henry’s jostling with state religion, and his delusion of himself as vicar of of God became part of England’s dilemma and set the country on a course to where it is now — a land without a real religious foundation, being taken over by outsiders grounded in a stronger faith. That would never happen here, would it?



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One response to “Guvnuh Mojo, Pt II — The Guv Meets King Henry VIII

  • ryazansky

    Very true about England. Other religious groups here succesfully maintain their identity, but a lot of English people from Christian backgrounds fail to see how their own identity as a nation is being eroded. If only they would put their Dawkins books down for a minute and think about this.

    The Tudors also entertained me greatly – especially the elements of it that you mentioned!

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