P. Riot: Bad PR Not Only from Putin, But God Too

Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Kirill, looks not as leniently upon the members of the controversial girl punk rock band P*ssy Riot soon to be on trial in Russia as some members of his church.

Patriarch Kirill indeed blasted not only the members of the band, which had performed a “punk moleben” or prayer at the important Orthodox Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, but those who sympathize with the band as well. “Some people begin to appear who are trying to justify this sacrilege, to minimize it… and my heart is breaking because among them are those who call themselves Orthodox Christians,” he said during a recent homily.

“We will have no future if sacred shrines are desecrated, if this desecration is seen by some as virtue, as some proper expression of political protest, as some appropriate action or harmless joke,” he added.

Three of the girls in the group are now up on hooliganism charges. They could face seven years in Putin’s Russia for that.

You can say a lot of things against Putin and his repressive regime and you can guarantee yourself a mixed bag of results, and maybe even a strange transmission from one of your cronies and another out-of-state puppet, but one thing you don’t want to do these days in Mother Russia is piss off the Patriarch.  Then for sure you’re going to get the wrath of God raining down upon your unrepentant masked little punk heads. Good luck in Siberia, girls! 


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