Religion, Hacking, and L&L

Here’s a pattern sure not to bring salvation to you and your computer: Online porn than online religion.

Not to judge, as He saith in good ole Mateo 7, but while a heartfelt confession in front of priest (of the One True, Orthodox Faith, of course) might help put some distance between your departed soul and the snares of the tempters lining the road to Paradise after you’ve strayed back once again into the siren-laden beaches of, religious websites might actually lead your computer straight to virus hell.

Websites that propound religious or ideological themes may actually hide triple the average number of “threats” than those that promulgate adult content, says computer giant Symantec according to this website.

In fact, porno sites barely hit the top ten in terms of containing malicious computer code that triggers cyber attacks. Note that it’s not the programmers of the religious websites that lay these cyber booby traps; hackers outside of those organizations actually do them. My guess is, they’re counting on the religious folks to be folksy, forgiving, and kind of dumb, not locked, loaded, and laying in wait like yours truly. Come on, bitches, hack me. Oops, now it’s off to confession again…


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