A Plunge Back into the Job Market… Again

After all is said, new days dawn upon the ashes of hard reckonings. For me, the last few weeks have been a long time coming, and now, sitting here, stapled into my writing seat, nothing but the keyboard on my desk, the monitor, a rickety mouse, and a couple of ideas parading around upstairs like five-year-old playground taunts, and it’s nothing new but what’s worth saving the kingdom.

I lost another job today, but perhaps gained my soul. A feeling of liberation overrides the bitterness, the feeling of failure, the notion of loss, the desire for vengeance, etc. A few weeks ago, I was doing my job when I got the distinct sensation that I hated my line of work and that I needed to change it as soon as I could. Well, nothing brings that necessity to a head as quickly as does the news of losing one’s job. I’m going to spare you, dear reader, the intricacies of why the job was lost. Let’s just say blame could be equally distributed, but it was a hopeless task from the beginning, one in which I probably should never have taken on. My career path was moving in a different direction and I tricked myself into believing I could coexist with this alternate path for a little while during such a poor Obama job market. Well, it proved to be a temporary fix.

This blog has never been about temporary things, so to throw light on things a bit longer-term, let’s focus on the eternal — what is one meant to do in this world instead of toil and chase his tail for a few breaths before he expires? I’m not totally certain. But in the time it takes me to figure that out, hopefully I’ll be more gainfully employed again.

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