Writing on the Wall for Russian P. Riot Bodes Well

Mark me if I’m wrong, but the trial of Russian punk rock girl band on trial for hooliganism Pussy Riot might have turned a better corner for the girl group.

Not to dismiss the girl’s stunt at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow as dismissible — it was wrong. They should have been taken outside and publicly flogged by church babushkas on reality TV for an entire week.

But Russian President Putin intoned that he hoped they wouldn’t be judged too harshly and I think that means that the Russian judicial system is going to judge more leniently upon the girls, possibly to the chagrin of some of the more stalwart disciplinarians in the Church. Even though the case could go either way and there has been abundant criticism of the Russian courts thus far that maintains that the case has become too politicized, perhaps a few words from Russia’s de facto tsar going the other direction — the girls’ exoneration — would help Russia avoid a possible public relations catastrophe if it should decide to put away the girls in a seven-year gulag for their reckless act. Then again, since when did Russia even care what anyone else ever thought? That’s what I like about them!


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