The Riot Saga Continueth… as Femen Aligns with Josef Stalin

This is Femen’s real ideological master in sawing down the cross in Kiev.

The Russian Orthodox Church has thrown in its weight on the Pussy Riot sentencing, asking the authorities to show mercy on the three riot girls sentenced to two years for hooliganism. “Casting no doubt on the legitimacy of the court’s decision, we appeal to the public authorities to show mercy, within the law, on the convicted in the hope they will never repeat such blasphemous actions,” the Russian Orthodox Church’s High Council was quoted as saying.

According to previous articles, the decision can be appealed and the girls can be released early by appealing directly to Russian President Putin. Considering the influence of the Church on Putin and Russian in general, I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin does intervene. But you never know. Russians are still pissed. And the public outcry against the Church and the prison sentence might actually work against Pussy Riot.

Case in point: In Kiev, the radical feminist group Femen  a Ukrainian group with which whom Pussy Riot has ideological ties, upped the ante, chainsawing down a wooden cross erected in memory of Stalin’s victims. I would posit that by doing that, Femen is not allying themselves with Pussy Riot, feminism, modern womankind, freedom, nor anything of the sort, but with Josef Stalin instead. Stalin was the one who knocked down Christ the Savior Cathedral in 1930. The Cross put up to honor those were persecuted by Stalin fell with the same thud as the walls of the Cathedral some 82 years ago.

Femen, whose members customarily doff their clothes during protests, including this latest chainsaw massacre of the cross, should, methinks, be shipped straight to the same gulag as their punk compatriots will be gracing in Siberia. There Femen can entertain the chain gangs and prison guards in those same alluring birthday suits and practice their special Eastern brand of Soviet feminine hospitality.

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