Russian PM Calls for Riot Girls to Walk; Ukrainian Topless Fems Call for More Cross Cuts

Medvedev called for Pussy Riot’s early release from Russian prison. But does his opinion carry any judicial weight?

As the U.S. watches its embassies burn amid hordes of Salafis suffering from generalized vidiot hysteria, the war against Russia’s predominant Orthodox Christian religion and the grrl groups rages on, both in Russia, neighboring Ukraine, and soon, everywhere else, once again.

Late last week Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev said that he believes the three members of Russia’s infamous punk troupe Pussy Riot imprisoned since March for playing a highly controversial stunt gig in Moscow’s main Christ the Savior Cathedral should be freed, essentially for time served. The three women were sentenced to two years in jail on hooliganism charges in what seen as a politically charged case that received heavy international attention.

Medvedev, speaking at a United Russia Party meeting in the Russian city of Penza, said that he thought that any further time served would be “counterproductive.”

In my opinion, probation would have been sufficient punishment, considering all the time they’ve already spent behind bars.

Many critics of of the Russian political and judicial system argue, however, that the prime minister lacks sufficient political influence on the judicial branch to have any impact on the case at this point. The New York Times reported that Medvedev had recently gotten involved in a case with an opposition activist jailed on drug charges, that some believed to be were trumped up. Instead, the activist received eight years in prison — double the time the prosecutors sought — after Medvedev intervened. May be more productive for the prime minister at this point to exercise his influence in more esoteric areas, such as British hard rock bands like Deep Purple

Still, we must ask, to what extent do the courts listen to any politicians in Russia? President Vladimir Putin also asked the court for leniency on Pussy Riot, as did the Russian Orthodox Church. The courts may have heeded them all — the group could have sentenced to up to seven years in the clink.

Nevertheless, more international Pussy Riot protests are scheduled shortly. The next round is October 1, in over 100 cities worldwide.

One of Pussy Riot’s allies, the Ukrainian feminist movement Femen, has been upping the ante on its anti-Christian schlock, offering bounties for anyone who cuts down or desecrates Christian crosses in honor of Pussy Riot’s incarceration. They are offering 6,000 rubles, around $188 for a hacked down cross, with a couple of other offerings on their price list, reports Russia Today:

Leaving an inscription on an Orthodox cross will net around $62, while graffiti on a church wall comes with a nearly hundred-dollar reward. The bounty list was published on the Internet by Karina Pankova, a 23-year-old woman who presented herself as the leader of FEMEN’s branch in northwest Russia’s arctic city of Murmansk.

Femen members chainsawed a famous wooden cross in the center of Kiev honoring those killed in Stalin’s purges shortly after the sentences in the Pussy Riot trial. Now Femen must be running out of chainsaw grease, or they must be feeling the chill of Ukrainian autumn coming on. Recall that they prefer to do their work in the semi-nude.


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