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As some of my readers may know, I am a dedicated yerba maté drinker.

I picked up the habit in Argentina, and it has all but replaced a once vigorous coffee addiction.

So rather than write a long piece only for yerba maté aficionados extolling the virtues of the craft or a how-to on how to brew the perfect gourd, Slate did a great piece on the history on the drink’s development in Argentina and in neighboring countries, contrasting that with malbecs and other fine wines from Argentina as well.

The article noted that Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges was fond of both Argentine wine and maté:

Lesser known in America is yerba mate, which, along with wine, slakes thirsts, alters minds***, and orchestrates the rituals of everyday Argentine life. Mate (which rhymes with “latte” and is sometimes spelled “maté”) is a tea-like caffeinated infusion that outsells coffee and tea combined in…

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