A Prayer for Strength’s on a Wife’s Troubled Name Day

Sts Joachim & Anna

Today is my wife Z’s name day, which she can hardly celebrate as she’s sitting in the ER with sensors glued all over her chest and arms, EKGs and the whole gamut. Her saint is St. Anna, of Joachim & Anna, parents of the Theotokos, the God-bearer, Mother of Christ, Mary. Yes, we are having a health scare (heart problems, just a scare?) and we covet your prayers. I feel that I have been a poor Christian of late, barely on heaven’s radar, because God has barely been on mine.

A little from the life of St. Anna, taken from the Orthodox Calendar site, linked above (paraphrased):

Saint Anna was of the tribe of Levi through her father, and from the tribe of Judah on her mother’s side. Her husband St. Joachim was descended directly from King David, which is where Christ gets His direct line to David.

The two lived in Nazareth, childless into  old age, considered a disgrace then. After a whole lot of prayer, fasting, and a key sacrifice, an angel appeared with a big announcement that, you guessed it:  “There would be born of them a Daughter, Who would bless all the race of mankind. By order of this Heavenly Messenger, Righteous Joachim and Anna met at Jerusalem, where through the promise of God was born to them the Daughter, named Mary.”

Both saints Joachim and Anna died within a few years of each other, at ages 80 and 70, respectively, after the entry into the Temple of the Theotokos.

I think of my wife, Z., who, by all accounts, gave me a miracle birth four years and four months ago. We called him a wonder, because he came about despite  her potential health problems that might have precluded her from having children. Our son is wonderfully healthy, and Z has been an incredible mother and a child of God, a real inspiration for me too. A testimony for my own faith when my flame is all but blown out with the winds of worldliness.

All I can ask now is for God’s strength for her, and for our family. Perhaps this will help me get a little back on track too so I stop being such a damned heathen.


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