Sunday of Pharisee and the Publican


Sunday of the Pharisee and the Publican is one of the most precious holydays of the Church!

I’ve always liked this particular commemoration, beginning the Triodion, and wished the Church would keep it around for most of the 52 weeks of the year because of its stress on humility.

For me lately, it should be dubbed the Sunday of the Fundie and the Longshoreman. (I was one of both, it seems. Now I’m more of the latter… Lord, how I’ve swung!)

But in reality I lack the grace and spiritual stamina or attention span to even stand within the temple for more than five minutes. Still, it’s a remarkable way to please God to compare yourself not with anyone else but one’s self and with that unfavorably because of the fact that we’ve always got to stand ultimately in front of the throne of Christ.


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