Five: Poem on Son’s Fifth Birthday

When a man looks for his son

in the ember of the night

What shall he find

When he spies an empty lodge?


How can one say that

anything was close in measure

to that greatest of days

than the coming of

those dark, bright eyes

on this “world’s a stage”

his mom’s most mystical treasure


and as we progress

through this blistering age

of fractalized looms and digital rage

I take this long moment

to thank Him Who we’ve come to love as One of us

for suspending that time


one of the highest of morningtides

not so long ago rolled in upon us

with the greatest of joys a man can know

when those pearls first beheld a beholden world


I felt myself a human at last

as if I had first known Eve

the pride, joy, the mystic dance

the buzzing of our hive


something to shout, look here, look there

kid on a scooter whizzing around a roundabout loop

gathering friends and caring for all, the doctor is in, our shrink and our balm

and we realize, My God, My God, where is he, where is he?

there goes Five…

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