Two Superstorms the Bookends in a Troubled Life Phase

Two years ago, roughly, a storm named Sandy raced up the eastern seaboard and collapsed on the New York metro area. I lived in NJ with my family. It was exciting but terrible. The area, especially the Jersey Shore, got destroyed. We were 50 miles from the coast and got lucky with only a couple of power outages.

My life then was hurtling into troubled waters. I made some bad decisions right after the storm, after huddling with my family in the supermarket with dozens of other families.

Within a few months, I would be cast out of my own family abode, going from institution to institution, eventually leaving the state — Pennsylvania, Arizona, Alaska, and now Washington.

And now I sit, 3,000-plus miles from my family, watching the next storm roll up from the west — Typhoon Nuri, crashing into the Aleutian Islands, now just west of Adak. In Everett, Washington, we are completely safe from the storm — we might even gain an improvement in our weather pattern.

But there are spiritual forces at work here. Strangely, these two superstorms Sandy and Nuri could be two bookends for me… I sense that I am being released from the demonic forces that held me so twisted and tight for those years, as I was led screaming away from the people in the world that I loved the most.

Now, I am ready to head east, the details are unclear, but the path ahead is straight and sure, and I feel, for the first time two years, oddly, clear and true. Let’s hope and pray that this weird pattern I am seeing is true!


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